3 Simple Tips to Cut Down Cost of Wedding Dresses in Oakland, CA

Cutting Down Bridal Dress’ Cost

After the engagement, you must be very excited to plan out for your venue, photographer, reception and most especially your dress. The only challenge when it comes to getting wedding dresses in Oakland, CA is the cost. In most cases, the cost could really go high as $5,000. If you want to be thrifty on your wedding day, you don’t need to sacrifice the rest of your savings just to wear an expensive dress. You can still have your beautiful dress without spending too much.

Here are the 3 simple tips that you can follow on your quest to find the best dress in town:

Always go for simple dresses

Dresses with no embellishments will surely save you tons of money. Those things might be insignificant and will just make the dress cost more. Instead of getting a dress with a lot of beads and lace, just focus on your accessories.

Go for the alternative

If you still want to retain the beads and the laces on your dress, you can ask for the alternative style. Your stylist will always have a lot of options for you depending on your body type and personality. Alternative dresses are picked by brides in order to lessen the cost. The fabric and the details of the dress are still there only that it is just subtle.


When getting wedding dresses in Oakland, CA, avoid alterations. Alterations will cost you a lot of cash especially if you are trying to get rid of most of the dresses style. Having a dress altered is like buying a new one. Choose the latter if you don’t want to get a dress that is butchered.

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