Natural Hair Regrowth

Natural hair regrowth is an exciting new development in the field of hair loss solutions. Indeed, the very fact of natural hair regrowth is news to most. In general, people looking for options for fuller, healthier hair have turned only to man-made medications. They simply weren’t aware of all the options.

Of course, the minefield of hair care products can seem difficult at best to accurately navigate. How is one to know what hair care products work best for the hair and the body? Well, you’ll find that with a little research this problem becomes much easier to solve.

It’s fairly obvious that hair care research has come a long way. While sorting out the details can be wearisome, with a few facts on your side you can be sure of making ton informed, intelligent choice. Once you understand the basis of hair loss, the answers become that much clearer.

The first term you’ll need to know is “DHT.” To many, this is a three-letter expletive, as it is the cause of hair loss. DHT, short for dihydrotestosterone, is a by-product of testosterone that is present in all of us, male and female.

Natural hair regrowth works by eliminating the problem at its source. While some products merely treat the symptoms of DHT, the most effective hair growth treatment comes from taking care of the problem itself. Going after the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which turns testosterone into DHT, the culprit can be easily and effectively disarmed.

However, some products that affect this change are composed of synthetic drugs. While effective, these medications can cause other, unwelcome side effects. What’s the point of solving one problem to create another?

Thanks to extensive research, the reversal of hair loss can be promoted naturally. Vitamin B6, Zinc, and Saw Palmetto extract, for example, powerfully inhibit DHT by using the same process employed by medication. Just as healthy foods are better for your body in the long run, so is healthy hair care.

Furthermore, unlike some medications, natural hair regrowth is entirely safe and effective for women as well as men. For while everyone suffering from hair loss wants to regrow their hair, no one wants to cause more problems for themselves by using the wrong product. By understanding the process and options for natural hair regrowth, you can provide the best for your whole being.
Additionaly to all this stuff it’s recommended to massage your scalp with a bamboo or wooden hairbrush.