Your Skin Disease Resource

Hundreds of thousands of individuals suffer from some form of skin disease. Whether it be genetic, exposure or because of age, many will be faced with some sort of skin problem. The skin is constantly renewing itself and changing. New cells are formed on the lower layer of skin which then slowly move upward to the surface where they are removed daily by cleansing and scrubbing and are just “dead” layers of skin.

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If the dead skin remains on the surface of the skin, it will give it a dull look and make the skin feel rough and scaly. As we age, our skin becomes thinner and is easily disrupted. The blood vessels are also easily disrupted, which result in bruising known as senile purpura. Senile purpura is commonly seen on the forearms of elderly and its presence is not what some may think is a vitamin deficiency or bleeding disorder. It is just that the skin of an older person heals more slowly following injury.

The skin becomes dry and flakes easily as the oil contents of skin decreases as we age. Sensations of dry skin are common and it becomes itchy. With dry skin comes roughness and finely flaking or a scaly surface. Sometimes asteatotic eczema occurs with dry skin. This is seen as poorly demarcated, scaly-round red patches. In any case as humans, we all will suffer from some form of skin disease, but rest assured, many are treatable.

Because we all suffer at one time or another from some form of skin disease, and many of us have no idea where to turn, this Skin Disease Resource was created. After doing much research, we decided to share with you information on the different forms of skin disorders as well as the various treatments for them. Knowing your options and what it is available will mean a better and healthier lifestyle and skin!

We have taken a close look at the many different types of treatments and what they have to offer and wish to share this information with you. We have filled the pages of the Skin Disease Resource site with information on Eczema, Acne treatment, Seborrheic dermatitis and more. We hope that you find our information helpful and should you have any questions regarding a skin disorder, feel free to contact us!

Revolutionary Skin Disease Treatment

After much research, we have found that today, there is an advanced technology that is available to those with skin problems. There is a unique dramatic skin therapy that can now be used for the treatment of rosacea, seborrheic, dermatitis, eczema, roughness, scaling, dryness, sunburn and more. With the most advanced techniques available, this product came to life and is known as Dramatic Relief™ Multi-Action Skin Therapy by Cutanix, which features Quadrinone®.

Dramatic Relief™ has been clinically proven to help reduce redness, relieve itching, stinging and burning as well as improve skin tone and re-hydrate dry skin. It is also known to be a very effective skin moisturizer. Today, you can get this fantastic product right here online. Dramatic Relief™ is available in three versions, which are specific for your skin type.

In addition to their anti-inflammatory and anti-aging technologies, Cutanix has developed products for reducing hyperpigmentation disorders such as lentigines and melasma, which help to lighten the skin. Cutanix’ patented skin lightening technology centers around the use of the natural compound CX-838. For more information on Cutanix products or to try them today, click away to our recommended supplier site!